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Dr. Kosta Cvijovic, CEO and Founder of Cvigilance

Dr. Kosta Cvijovic is a clinical pharmacologist by training with over 20 years of experience in drug safety, in clinical practice, academic research, working for health authorities (Health Canada) and some of the leading names in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry (Pfizer, Roche). Dr. Cvijovic spent his career split between working in North America and Europe, and also has several years of experience working with some of the leading global CROs, providing PV services mostly to small- and mid-size biotechs. In his career, he has successfully passed inspections from major EU (ANSM, MHRA, BfArM) and North American (FDA, Health Canada) authorities, where his fluent knowledge of French and native knowledge of German was often an asset. His particular passion lies in oncology and rare disease. For more information, feel free to visit his LinkedIn profile: