Leadership Information

Submitted by Dr. Kosta Cvijovic on Mon, 10/02/2017 - 11:11
Dr. Kosta Cvijovic

Dr. Kosta Cvijovic is the founder and owner of Cvigilance. He has 15 years of experience in roles of growing seniority in Pharmacovigilance and Medical Information, of which he worked for 8 years in North America (Canada and the USA) and 7 years in the European Union (UK, France and Austria).

Dr. Cvijovic has worked for many different kinds of life science companies, from start-up biotechs to the biggest global players like Pfizer and Novartis. Throughout his career, he has held virtually every role in drug safety and risk management, up to and including Head of Global Pharmacovigilance and EU QPPV.

The CEO of Cvigilance successfully prepared PV teams for and passed inspections from many different health authorities, including but not limited to the US FDA, Health Canada, MHRA (UK), ANSM (France), and BfArM (Germany). His fluency in English, German and French, in addition to knowledge of Italian and Eastern European languages, was often an asset in inspection situations. While passionate about all aspects of pharmacovigilance, his particular interest lies in identifying gaps for companies after observations in inspections and changing a company's PV system to make it compliant again.

To learn more about Dr. Kosta Cvijovic, please visit his LinkedIn profile.

In his free time, he enjoys making music, creative writing, as well as spending time with his family and friends.